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Literati is here!

We have a new database! Literati by Credo is now available. Essentially a more powerful version of Credo, this database searches the text of hundreds of online reference books, in addition to connecting you to many of our other databases, as well as our online catalog. Literati also makes available several online videos and tutorials that can help you learn helpful research techniques, such as APA citation style, or figuring out what primary sources are. It’s a great addition to our library. Come check it out!


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New Database: Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center

The Library gained several new databases this summer. One of them is geared towards those looking for career and education information.

Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center provides information on careers and industries; it also includes job-hunting information, college planning tools, career interest assessments, and links to job listings. Also available are videos, interviews, and advice columns. It can help you cite the items that you find, which is a handy little feature.

You can access this database from the Databases A-Z page as well as the Databases by Subject page. Good hunting!

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New databases!

Over the summer, the library subscribed to a few new databases. These might prove to be really useful to you in your research:

  • EBSCO Points of View: Similar to Opposing Viewpoints. Each issue is presented with a point (pro) and counterpoint (con), as well as a topic overview. Links to magazine and newspaper articles, as well as radio transcripts and primary sources and academic journal articles.
  • EBSCO ebooks Academic : Almost 120,000 e-books. You can view individual sections or chapters of books, as well as print or email them. Citation assistance is available.
  • EBSCO ebooks Community College: This is a collection of over 48,000 e-books geared specifically to community colleges. This database will also help you with citations.
  • Credo Reference: This database provides online access to over 500 general as well as specialized full-text reference books, searchable by subject. There are also topic pages with more in-depth information.
  • Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center: Provides information on careers and industries, job-hunting information, college planning tools, career interest assessments, and links to job listings.

You can access all of these databases from our Databases A-Z page. If you’re off campus, you’ll be prompted for your user name and password by the portal.

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Database profile: Academic Search Premier

Occasionally we’ll give you a little information on a database that the library subscribes to.

Our first profile is on EBSCO’s Academic Search Premier. Academic Search Premier is what is called a multidisciplinary database. Or, to look at it another way: if databases are like stores (with some databases specializing in one type of item or another), Academic Search Premier is like Target, where you can get a lot of different things in one place. In Academic Search Premier, you can find articles from all different types of sources, from newspapers to scholarly (or academic) journals. And these articles cover topics from current events to education, from business to biology, and everything in between.

One of the nice things about Academic Search Premier is that it can help you with your article citations. It also allows you to restrict your search to just magazine articles, or just those articles that are available full-text in the database. And if you are a member of the Ventura College community, you can also access this database from home!

To learn more about Academic Search Premier, call the Reference Desk at 805-654-6382 or just stop by.

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