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Those Textbooks…

It’s pretty much the last week of July. Fall semester starts up August 14th, and, if you’ve ever seen the movie¬†Grease, this is the part where Danny Zuko and Sandy are running in the surf, holding hands, and looking at each other, longingly, wondering, will they ever see each other again?

Well, if you’re imagining the same scene with your Calculus textbook from this summer (not), then fret not: you CAN see it again! Thanks to the wonders of the Circulation Department, the Textbook Lending Library will be available to you again for your textbooks this fall semester! Yay! No awkward reunions!

The procedure is a little different this time around, so read THIS. And then do a little karaoke of “Summer Nights”…



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Lending Library is Back!

Hello! Hope you’ve had a wonderful summer!

By now, you’ve probably realized that school starts soon, on the 19th. You may be worried about textbooks and where to get them and how to afford them. Fortunately, the Library has a Textbook Lending Library. Here, you can check out up to three textbooks for the entire semester.

The system is a little different this year. On Monday the 13th from 8am-3pm,  and Tuesday the 14th from 8-9am, lottery tickets will be issued, telling you what number you will be in line. The order of ticket numbers has already been determined, and is up on the Textbook Lending Library website. This will determine the order you will stand in line. The library will be opened Tuesday, August 14th starting at 9:30, and numbers will come in groups to get their books.

On August 15th, the library will be open from 2pm-6pm, and Textbook Lending Library books will be available first come, first served. On this day, the Santa Paula site will also be open from 1pm-5pm with their Lending Library, on a first come, first served basis (with no lottery).

If you have any questions about the Textbook Lending Library, there is a FAQ available. Also check out the website carefully. And make sure to print out your schedule and booklist in advance. If you aren’t sure what books the library has available, you can always check the library’s online catalog in advance.

And remember, the Lending Library is always available to you throughout the semester; if you don’t find a book this week, you can always return through the semester. It is always wise to check to see if people have dropped classes or gotten their financial aid and have returned the books.

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You might see yellow “caution” tape around the Lending Library for the next several weeks. This is because we are getting ready for the next session of Lending Library loaning. We are getting in brand-new books, thanks to a grant, and we want to make sure they are available to you come next term.

This doesn’t mean you can’t check out a regular Lending Library textbook, however — it just means you have to request the book from a librarian or staff member, and we will retrieve it for you.

If you have textbooks that you aren’t planning to keep at the end of this semester, we hope you will consider donating them to the Lending Library. Your fellow students would appreciate it!

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Lending Library is Alive and Well

Welcome back for another semester! We hope you enjoyed your time off.

Things are humming here in the library, as students print out their schedules and hover around the Textbook Lending Library. One thing to remember: although the Lottery for the Lending Library has already passed, you can continue to check out books from the Lending Library throughout the semester. If you don’t find a book that you are looking for in the Lending Library, check to see if it is on Reserve at the Circulation Desk. The Reserve books can be used for two hours at a time in the library.

If you don’t know what textbooks you need for your class, you can go to the Library Home Page and click the link “Create a Booklist,” located on the left-hand side of the screen.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Getting Ready for Next Semester

Today is the first day of finals. The library has a different kind of buzz to it, as people are using the space for studying; most papers have already been turned in. There are a lot of questions at the Reference Desk about MLA and APA citation style.

The library staff is quite busy getting ready for Textbook Lending Library next semester. This program allows students to check out up to three textbooks for the full semester, free of charge. Textbooks are really expensive, so being able to save some money on at least one book can be really helpful. These textbooks are often donated to us by other students, wanting to pay it forward. We also get money from the Ventura College Foundation to help pay for textbooks, as well as funding from a Title V grant and from the Associated Students of Ventura College. How popular is this program? During our Lending Library Day at the beginning of the fall semester, we had 911 students check out 1500 textbooks. Phew! what a day that was!

We sometimes hear stories about how the Lending Library has benefited students. One alum, who was enrolled in a nursing program at Cal State Northridge, told us that she never would have made it through the nursing program here at Ventura College if it hadn’t been for the Lending Library. It was so wonderful to hear that our books could help her out.

Lending Library books are available for checkout throughout the entire semester. And if a textbook isn’t available through Lending Library, don’t forget that there are many textbooks on reserve at the Circulation Desk.

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