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Those Textbooks…

It’s pretty much the last week of July. Fall semester starts up August 14th, and, if you’ve ever seen the movieĀ Grease, this is the part where Danny Zuko and Sandy are running in the surf, holding hands, and looking at each other, longingly, wondering, will they ever see each other again?

Well, if you’re imagining the same scene with your Calculus textbook from this summer (not), then fret not: you CAN see it again! Thanks to the wonders of the Circulation Department, the Textbook Lending Library will be available to you again for your textbooks this fall semester! Yay! No awkward reunions!

The procedure is a little different this time around, so read THIS. And then do a little karaoke of “Summer Nights”…



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Visit your local library

While the Ventura College Library is closed until the 17th, your local library is open for business. Here is a little peak at the action going down at some of the local libraries:

  • The Ventura County Library is open, but there will be some changes at the Simi Valley branch, with its decision to change its management. The E.P. Foster branch, which is located in downtown Ventura, will be having free music every second Sunday of the month. Many of the other local libraries are part of the Ventura County Library system; just check the “Locations” drop-down menu for a list of locations and addresses.
  • The Oxnard Public Library is having summer reading programs for teens as well as adults. You can win prizes for reading books!
  • The Blanchard Community Library in Santa Paula allows you to learn another language using the Mango software. Check it out!
  • The Camarillo Public Library is having free movie nights on Thursdays.

Have fun!

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Quieting down

The library will be closed from May 22 until June 17th. This doesn’t mean you still can’t check out a book. If you hustle in here before 8pm and ask nicely, you might be able to check out that book over the break! Sweet!

Things will be a little quiet here on the blog — the writer won’t be working this summer, but she’ll try her best to write up interesting tidbits for you. Look for more about developing programs and new databases and books when we come back full-tilt in August.

Until then, have a great summer!

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