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An Abundance of Katherines? Here? Why, Yes!

Looking for Maureen Johnson? Interested in Meg Cabot? Can’t get enough Lois Lowry?

You’re in luck — the library has a new collection of young adult literature, with these authors and more. These books are located in the same shelf as the graphic novels, right below the globe. Grab some Matt de la Pena, scope out the Chris Crutcher. And read An Abundance of Katherines by John Green.

Have fun reading something for pleasure!


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You might see yellow “caution” tape around the Lending Library for the next several weeks. This is because we are getting ready for the next session of Lending Library loaning. We are getting in brand-new books, thanks to a grant, and we want to make sure they are available to you come next term.

This doesn’t mean you can’t check out a regular Lending Library textbook, however — it just means you have to request the book from a librarian or staff member, and we will retrieve it for you.

If you have textbooks that you aren’t planning to keep at the end of this semester, we hope you will consider donating them to the Lending Library. Your fellow students would appreciate it!

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Getting graphic in the library

We have a new collection in the library. We’ve recently added a bunch of graphic novels — that is, book-length comic books. These books can be found near the Reference Desk, underneath the globe. Titles include Sandman by Neil Gaiman, Blue Monday by Chynna Clugson-Major, Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi, and Batman: Arkham Asylum by Grant Morrison.

One thing to remember about graphic novels: comic books aren’t just for kids. Some titles are rather sophisticated, and may present images and themes that are not intended for certain readers. But there are titles that can appeal to almost any palate — stories about high school tribulations, ghosts, super heroes, romance, New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, even shark attacks. So if one book doesn’t appeal to you, try another.

We hope you enjoy this addition to our library.

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Going on a journey

Spring break is upon us. The library will be closed for the week, but maybe you’d like to take one of our new Muslim Journeys books with you? These books are intended to encourage understanding about Islam and the Muslim experience, and are available for checkout. They are on display near the front of the library. A few of the titles:

  • Persepolis: A Story of a Childhood, a graphic novel telling of a girl’s youth during the Iranian revolution;
  • When Asia was the World, which tells of the time in medieval history when Asia was the birthplace of innovations in medicine and science;
  • Islamic Arts, a survey of the beautiful arts and crafts of the Islamic world;
  • The Arabian Nights, a translation of the famous stories.

These and many other books are available for you to take home. Simply do a search for the phrase “Muslim Journeys” in our catalog to find other titles.

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They’re coming…

New books are on the horizon!

You may notice that the shelves of best-sellers are looking a little thin, but that’s because we are returning old books that we’ve rented for too long, and exchanging them for shiny new ones. Also keep an eye out for the new graphic novels and young adult books that will be coming in the near future. These books, purchased with a grant, are ours to keep. We will feature them in a future post.

Two recent acquisitions:

  • One Nation, Divisible: How Regional Religious Differences Shape American Politics, Mark Silk and Andrew Walsh
  • The Pregnancy Project: A Memoir, Gaby Rodriguez with Jenna Glatzer

Ask about these at the Reference Desk!

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